Foamwell 360° Breathable Heel Support PU Sport Insole

Foamwell 360° Breathable Heel Support PU Sport Insole

Short Description:

  • Name: Sport Insole
  • Model: FW-279
  • Application: Sport Insole, Shock Absorption, Comfort
  • Samples: Available
  • Lead Time: 35 days after payment
  • Customization: logo/package/materials/size/color customization
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  • Materials

    1. Surface: Fabric

    2. Inter layer: PU

    3. Bottom: PU

    4. Core Support: PU


    Foamwell Sport Insole PU Insole (3)

    1. Reduce moisture and odor, offering a more comfortable experience during intense physical activities.

    2. Have extra cushioning in the heel and forefoot areas to provide additional comfort during high-impact activities.

    Foamwell Sport Insole PU Insole (2)
    Foamwell Sport Insole PU Insole (1)

    3. Made from durable materials that can withstand repetitive impact and provide long-lasting support.

    4. Made with breathable materials to keep the feet cool and dry.

    Used for

    Foamwell Sport Insole PU Insole (4)

    ▶ Improved shock absorption.

    ▶ Enhanced stability and alignment.

    ▶ Increased comfort.

    ▶ Preventive support.

    ▶ Increased performance.


    Q1. How does Foamwell improve the high elasticity of the product?
    A: Foamwell's design and composition greatly enhances the elasticity of products in which it is used. This means the material quickly returns to its original shape after being compressed, ensuring long-term durability and consistent performance.

    Q2. Does Foamwell have silver ion antibacterial properties?
    A: Yes, Foamwell incorporates silver ion antimicrobial technology into its ingredients. This feature helps inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and other harmful microorganisms, making Foamwell products more hygienic and odor-free.

    Q3. Are Foamwell products environmentally friendly?
    A: Foamwell is committed to sustainable development and environmental responsibility. The production process minimizes waste and energy consumption, and the materials used are often recyclable or biodegradable, reducing overall environmental impact.

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