What is Shoe Sustainability?

Shoe sustainability as shoe design, development, manufacturing, distribution, and selling processes that minimize negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources, are safe for employees, communities and consumers, and are economically sound.

★ As the footwear material manufacturer, we have a responsibility to make strides for the environment. In fact, it is different for our industries to administer and manage on carbon. However, we still aims to equitably and efficiently lower carbon innovation and progress that our environment demands. We are more focused on being a leading voice to help solve climate change.

The clear end goal is to waste less and reduce environment impact, but the road to true sustainability is rocky and yet unpaved.

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Plant organic is extracted from oil-rich plant  kernels by mechanical pressing or solvent  extraction after cleaning, shelling, crushing,  softening, extrusion and other pretreatments, and  then refined.

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Sustainable Biodegradable Foam-Seaweed
ECO friendly produh 25% Seaweed


Diverse Natural Polymer Materials

Using a variety of plant starches, coffee grounds, bamboo powder, rice husks, orange stalks and other fibrous natural polymers as the main raw materials for upgrading, it is not as simple as other bioplastic manufacturers, which have a single source.