Foamwell EVA Orthotic Plantar Fasciitis Insole with Firm Arch Support and Shock Absorption

Foamwell EVA Orthotic Plantar Fasciitis Insole with Firm Arch Support and Shock Absorption

Short Description:

  • Name: Arch Support Orthotic Insole
  • Model: FW-105
  • Application: Arch support, daily comfort, pain relief
  • Samples: Available
  • Lead Time: 35 days after payment
  • Customization: logo/package/materials/size/color customization
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  • Orthotic Insole Materials

    1. Surface: Fabric

    2. Inter layer: EVA

    3. Bottom: EVA

    4. Core Support: Poron

    Orthotic Insole Features

    Foamwell Arch Support Orthotic Insole (4)

    1. Full length type and offering a customized fit while providing comfort and support for lasting pain relief.

    2. Reduce foot fatigue and alleviate pressure on sensitive areas.

    Foamwell Arch Support Orthotic Insole (1)
    Foamwell Arch Support Orthotic Insole (2)

    3. Anti-slip top fabric to present foot from heat, friction, and perspiration;

    4. Have a contoured arch support to help maintain proper alignment and reduce strain on the arches of your feet.

    Orthotic Insole Used for

    Foamwell Arch Support Orthotic Insole (3)

    ▶ Improve balance/stability/posture.

    ▶ Improve the stability and balance.

    ▶ Relieve foot pain/arch pain/heel pain.

    ▶ Relieve muscle fatigue and increase comfort.

    ▶ Make your body alignment.


    Q1. Can Foamwell products be purchased internationally?
    A: Since Foamwell is registered in Hong Kong and has production facilities in several countries, its products can be purchased internationally. It caters to customers worldwide through various distribution channels and online platforms.

    Q2. How is the company's experience in insole manufacturing?
    A: The company has 17 years of insole manufacturing experience.

    Q3. What materials are available for the insole surface?
    A: The company offers a variety of top layer material options including mesh, jersey, velvet, suede, microfiber and wool.

    Q4. Can the base layer be customized?
    A: Yes, the base layer can be customized to your exact needs. Options include EVA, PU foam, ETPU, memory foam, recycled or bio-based PU.

    Q5. Are there different substrates to choose from?
    A: Yes, the company offers different insole substrates including EVA, PU, ​​PORON, bio-based foam and supercritical foam.

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