Foamwell PU Slow Rebound Comfort Insole

Foamwell PU Slow Rebound Comfort Insole

Short Description:

  • Name: Sport Insole
  • Model: FW-268
  • Application: Sport Insole, Shock Absorption, Comfort
  • Samples: Available
  • Lead Time: 35 days after payment
  • Customization: logo/package/materials/size/color customization
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  • Materials

    1. Surface: Fabric

    2. Inter layer: PU

    3. Bottom: PU

    4. Core Support: PU


    Foamwell Sport Insole PU Insole (2)

    1. Alleviate pressure points and make activities more enjoyable.

    2. By providing proper support, cushioning, and alignment, sport insoles can improve balance, stability, and proprioception (awareness of the body's position in space).

    Foamwell Sport Insole PU Insole (1)
    Foamwell Sport Insole PU Insole (3)

    3. Can help prevent various foot problems caused by repetitive impact, friction, and excessive strain.

    4. Can lead to enhanced athletic performance and reduce the risk of performance-limiting discomfort or injuries.

    Used for

    Foamwell Sport Insole PU Insole (1)

    ▶ Improved shock absorption.

    ▶ Enhanced stability and alignment.

    ▶ Increased comfort.

    ▶ Preventive support.

    ▶ Increased performance.


    Q1. In which countries does Foamwell have production facilities?
    A: Foamwell has production facilities in China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

    Q2. What types of insoles does Foamwell offer?
    A: Foamwell offers a variety of insoles, including supercritical foam insoles, PU orthopedic insoles, custom insoles, height increasing insoles and high-tech insoles. These insoles are available for different foot care needs.

    Q3. Can Foamwell produce custom insoles?
    A: Yes, Foamwell offers custom insoles to allow customers to obtain a personalized fit and meet specific foot care requirements.

    Q4. Does Foamwell produce high-tech insoles?
    A: Yes, Foamwell manufactures high-tech insoles with advanced technology. These insoles are designed to provide superior comfort, cushioning or enhanced performance for a variety of activities.

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