Polylite®Biobased PU Foam Bio25

Polylite®Biobased PU Foam Bio25

Short Description:

- Polylite® Bio based foam is a polyurethane foam with a bio-based organic content like soybean oil, algae, wormwood, coffee grounds added and engineered to provide cushioning and comfort.

- The biobased content organic content, soybean oil replaces petroleum with renewable bio resources, and provides significant ecological advantages in terms of energy and resource consumption.

- Polylite® Biobased foam is fully breathable with features such as natural inhibitors to control the growth of fungus and bacteria.

- The Bio content can be from 20% to 50%, with BETA test report approved.

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    Item Polylite® Biobased PU Foam
    Style No. R50
    Material Open Cell PU
    Color Can be customized
    Logo Can be customized
    Unit Sheet/Roll
    Package OPP bag/ carton/ As required
    Certificate ISO9001/ BSCI/ SGS/ GRS
    Density 0.1D to 0.16D
    Thickness 1-100 mm
    Polylite®Biobased PU Foam Bio25_4


    Q1. What types of insoles does Foamwell offer?
    A: Foamwell offers a variety of insoles, including supercritical foam insoles, PU orthopedic insoles, custom insoles, height increasing insoles and high-tech insoles. These insoles are available for different foot care needs.

    Q2. Does Foamwell focus on environmentally friendly production?
    A: Yes, Foamwell is known for its commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. It specializes in the development and manufacture of sustainable polyurethane foam and other environmentally friendly materials.

    Q3. Can Foamwell produce custom insoles?
    A: Yes, Foamwell offers custom insoles to allow customers to obtain a personalized fit and meet specific foot care requirements.

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