Supercritical Foaming Light and High Elastic MTPU

Supercritical Foaming Light and High Elastic MTPU

Short Description:

TPEE is microcellular TPEE foam, produced using TPEE as the substrate with clean supercritical carbon dioxide as blowing agent to form a large number of microcells in the matrix.

Light weight; Clean and environmental friendly; Good cushion performance; Excellent low temperature resistance; Good chemical resistance Reusable; Outstanding resilience

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    Item Supercritical Foaming Light and High Elastic TPEE 
    Style No. FW12T
    Material TPEE
    Color Can be customized
    Logo Can be customized
    Unit Sheet
    Package OPP bag/ carton/ As required
    Certificate ISO9001/ BSCI/ SGS/ GRS
    Density 0.12D to 0.16D
    Thickness 1-100 mm

    What’s Supercritical Foaming

    Known as Chemical-Free Foaming  or physical foaming, this process combines CO2 or Nitrogen with polymers to create a foam, no compounds are created and no chemical additives are required. eliminating toxic or hazardous chemicals typically used in the foaming process. This minimizes environmental risks during production and results in a non-toxic end product.



    Q1. Which industries can benefit from Foamwell technology?
    A: Foamwell technology can benefit numerous industries including footwear, sports equipment, furniture, medical devices, automotive and more. Its versatility and superior performance make it ideal for manufacturers looking for innovative solutions to enhance their products.

    Q2. In which countries does Foamwell have production facilities?
    A: Foamwell has production facilities in China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

    Q3. What materials are mainly used in Foamwell?
    A: Foamwell specializes in the development and manufacture of PU foam, memory foam, patented Polylite elastic foam and polymer latex. It also covers materials such as EVA, PU, ​​LATEX, TPE, PORON and POLYLITE.

    Q4. What types of insoles does Foamwell offer?
    A: Foamwell offers a variety of insoles, including supercritical foam insoles, PU orthopedic insoles, custom insoles, height increasing insoles and high-tech insoles. These insoles are available for different foot care needs.

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