Extremely Lightweight EVA Air 20

Extremely Lightweight EVA Air 20

Short Description:

Foamwell Air 20 is comfortable, high quality, very soft and extremely light EVA foam specially developed and tested for footwear insole applications ;

Ultra lightweight, and excellent, durable shock absorbing quality;

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    Item Extremely Lightweight  EVA
    Style No. Air 20
    Material EVA
    Color Can be customized
    Logo Can be customized
    Unit Sheet
    Package OPP bag/ carton/ As required
    Certificate ISO9001/ BSCI/ SGS/ GRS
    Density 0.11D to 0.16D
    Thickness 1-100 mm


    Q1. What is Foamwell and what products does it specialize in?
    A: Foamwell is a registered company in Hong Kong that operates production facilities in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. It is known for its expertise in the development and manufacturing of sustainable environmentally friendly PU Foam, Memory Foam, Patent Polylite Elastic Foam, Polymer Latex, as well as other materials like EVA, PU, LATEX, TPE, PORON, and POLYLITE. Foamwell also offers a range of insoles, including Supercritical Foaming insoles, PU Orthotic insole, Customized insoles, Heightening insoles, and High-tech insoles. Furthermore, Foamwell provides products for foot care.

    Q2. How does Foamwell improve the high elasticity of the product?
    A: Foamwell's design and composition greatly enhances the elasticity of products in which it is used. This means the material quickly returns to its original shape after being compressed, ensuring long-term durability and consistent performance.

    Q3. What is nanoscale deodorization and how does Foamwell utilize this technology?
    A: Nano deodorization is a technology that uses nanoparticles to neutralize odors at the molecular level. Foamwell utilizes this technology to actively eliminate odors and keep products fresh, even after prolonged use.

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